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LESISS, an organization that offers its expertise, without any hang-up

A young professional association created in 2005 by a score of entrepreneurs, the LESSIS association strongly strengthened since, as hundred enterprises have since then joined our organization. Three assets make of LESSIS an atypical actor: a multipolar expertise, an extreme reactivity, a wide independence. To summarize, LESSIS is more a 2.0 organization than an ISO 9000 one.




LESISS draws its strength and its dynamism from the breeding ground of its very small, small enterprises and from large groups that specialize in targeted communication technologies:

  • Software editors for private practitioners,
  • Providers of IT systems for hospitals and for health/social sector,
  • System integrators,
  • Telecommunication equipments providers,
  • Security specialists,
  • Companies providing services for dependant people.

This network of specialized companies is varied, both through their size and their scope of activities. This allows LESISS to get a panoramic view of various issues.




LESISS is run by a Board of directors, which is the strategic decisions instrument. This Board is formed by experienced managers coming from the overall scope of our various skills. Contrary to older organizations, the strength of our Federation lies, among others, in our extremely quick reaction process when evaluating and making a decision, followed by an equally fast implementation. A Chief Representative, who is also our spokesman, carries out the coordination and the follow up of such decided actions.


Our members are provided with information on a regular basis. This material is the result of our strategic monitoring activity. Such information are drawn out from our political and institutional networks. LESSIS sets up a monthly meeting and, three or four times a year, a lunch with a debate, welcoming high-level personalities.




France shows out a very strange paradox. A country of medical excellence, of creativity and technological innovation, our country is nevertheless relegated far low in the health-IT world ranking. Among other reasons, this situation is linked to lack of vision of related challenges among politicians and their lack of will.


The goal of LESISS is to call up the energy of its members with the support of various driving forces involved in our sector (actors in the economy, patients associations, health professionals, health insurance…). As long as this concentration of various energies leads to an overall awareness of the existing challenges, there is no fatality at all in the decline of our social security and medico-social coverage. Such a decline yields medical desertification and a loss of fairness facing the health needs of our population.


Our health and care system is out of duty, with an empirical management. It is merely impossible to go on in this way. Survival of the system depends on our capacity of imagining together new organization models, such models being made possible and maintained through the use of communication technologies. This new paradigm implies to exchange a suicidal lack of decision for a voluntarist policy, aimed at developing the digital economy for the benefit of all our fellow citizens.


The rescue of our system compels us to put people together, to work hard an to produce results, then to persuade. In short, to build up. Together.


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Last update : 26/06/2014