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LESISS sends an Open Letter to the finalists of the presidential election

In reference to the mixed appraisal that was recently published in Liberation, a French daily newspaper, under the signature of three political officials, about the IT technologies in the sector of health and care, the LESISS Federation issued an Open Letter to the two candidates at the presidential election.

On the eve of a new presidential mandate, and as far as the actors involved in join their forces for a global dialogue, the backwardness highlighted every year in a number of reports or studies issued by various Control Offices is certainly not inevitable and can be corrected!

On the other hand, a prerequisite for filling this gap is that all the actors should very quickly be aware of what is going, on with all the relevant actors of the administration and of the nation. In fact, it is only through a new refocusing of the various actors of e-health, in a way where they will be the most useful and efficient, that our country can envision the development of an exporting industry, for the greater benefit of the collectivity.

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