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In recent years, no time in France would pass without the political and institutional leaders engage in serious introspection about the role of technology in the evolution of our health and autonomy.

However, the main thrust of this fluttering ecosystem is the increase of the delay of our country in these technologies. Studies are not lacking in this regard, including a recent study which clearly noted that France, the fifth largest economy, arrives only at the twentieth place in the digital sector, losing five seats between 2009 and 2010. Considering the field of digital health (this is even worse for the medico-social sector) our country is returned to the depths of the rankings. In this challenging context the point of view of industrials specialized in the field of health was presented as part of the “Informatic Santé” days, with the corresponding video* ending with a fun precision.

(*) Complete recording of the session (in French, industrials standpoint from 21’40”; with the kind permission of the authors

In this oppressive atmosphere, the specialized industrials of the LESISS Federation fortunately did not fall up! Rather, LESISS supports market opportunities when they arise, including from the regional authorities. In addition, LESISS is determined to gain momentum with civil society (in French), and without neglecting our domestic market, and to strengthen its international presence. It is why the Federation of specialized industrials, shown at Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona in late February, was invited to participate in the session "Launching mHealth Competence Center of the Mobile World Capital". Three points have been synthetically mentioned at this occasion:

1 – The margins of progress towards the success of major French institutional programs in the field of digital health remain important, under-sizing of the national market maintaining a sustainable sluggish trend;

2 – Without neglecting their domestic market, our dynamic business companies are determined to leverage three initiatives launched recently by  LESISS : emancipation from institutional projects without visibility, "Alliance" offers and International Development;

3 – In terms of mHealth (in French), field in which LESISS is now very involved, the Mobile Competence Center announced last December is interested in the French specialized actors. LESISS will contribute in an enthusiastic manner because, beyond technical exchanges, this international competence Center can provide a space for appropriate reflection to address sensitive topics (business models, legal framework, regulations...).

In this context, away from the ambient wait and fatalism, LESISS warmly invites all businesses that are still not adhering and wishing to develop or increase their activities in France and abroad, to join quickly in order to strengthen its action in support of this priority. To build. Together.

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Last update : 29/03/2013